Powerful Flow in the Face of Cold Weather

It’s officially cold. I don’t know who declares it “official,” but somewhere, someone has made the announcement, and, damn, has the temperature dropped. In the face of the frigid winter air, I taught a fun, powerful flow recently that I’ll share with all you yogis keeping score at home. Enjoy!

Opening breath work + meditation

Twisted seated flow
Table top + opposite arm and leg extensions
Plank (hold) + core work
Down dog

Sun A’s x 3-4

Chair + airplane arm flow
Warrior I (R)
Vinyasa + repeat (L)

Chair + twists (both sides)
Warrior I (R)
Humble warrior
Vinyasa + repeat (L)

Low crescent/”Runner’s lunge” on tented fingers (R)
Lightning bolt
Core twist flow (reach (R) fingertips back, (L) fingertips forward)
Warrior II
Reverse warrior
Side angle
Vinyasa + repeat (L)

Child’s or inversion practice

Chair + airplane arm flow
Chair twist (R) + step back
Crescent twist (R)
Core twist flow
Warrior II
Dancing warrior
Balancing half moon (R)
Warrior II
Straddle fold + shoulder opener
Skandasana + pivot forward (R)
Forward fold + variations
Chair + repeat (L)

Plank (hold) + core work
Fallen triangle
Lizard lunge (R) + variations
Forearm plank

Eagle or tree (balancing on (R) first)
Warrior III
Revolved half moon
Standing split
Forward fold + repeat (L)

Garland squat
Bridge x 2-3
Supine butterfly
Supine twists
Happy baby
Waterfall or shoulder stand